Terror suspects studied at TU/e

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Terror suspects studied at TU/e


The nine terrorism suspects from Eindhoven who were arrested in September on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks were highly educated and very conservative, reports the Dutch newspaper NRC based on its own research. According to the newspaper, several of the suspects studied at TU Eindhoven. Two of them, brothers, have obtained a PhD.


One of the suspects is co-founder of the Islamic student association Salaam. In interviews, he said that Salaam ‘wants to build a bridge with non-Muslims and works at TU/e for a larger prayer room’. On the other hand, a Salaam podcast explained to studying women that they should teach their daughters ‘to wear the hijaab as young as possible and not to wear tight clothes’, writes to NRC.


According to the newspaper’s sources, the suspects are behind a Facebook page that shows ‘implicit jihadist messages’. Fathers are also instructed to let their sons attend technical studies. Muslims should leave for an Islamic country after their studies in order to be ‘of service’ to those countries, NRC writes. How serious the suspects were and whether they actually formed a danger, is something the judge must now decide.


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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