Symposium on knowledge security

Symposium and talkshow on knowledge security



Why is knowledge security important, how should a researcher or university guarantee it and how do TU Delft’s ‘industrial research partners’ view it? That is the subject of the English-language symposium ‘Knowledge Security: Why, how and the industrial perspective on collaboration’ that will take place in the aula on 23 June. Registration is open to all TU employees. After the opening, there will be talks by:


  • China analyst Joris Teer of the The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies, who will address the question of which areas of research should avoid unwanted knowledge transfer;
  • Knowledge security expert Bart Jenniskens of chip manufacturer ASML will give an insight into how ASML collaborates with its knowledge partners while securing its intellectual property and preventing unwanted knowledge transfer;
  • TU programme director for knowledge security Peter Weijland will give an update on TU Delft’s latest policy tools.

The entire programme can be found on the symposium’s registration page.


Knowledge security is high on TU Delft’s agenda. On 8 June between 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM, the university will broadcast a previously recorded interview by Studium Generale director Leon Heuts with rector magnificus Tim van der Hagen, associate professor and Integrity Board member Cynthia Liem and Peter Weijland. They will discuss how to deal with complex choices. (SB)



Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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