Swimming naked in Delft

Swimming naked in Delft



Are you a student and do you like swimming naked? The Naturist Swimming Association Delft (NZD) is looking for new members and others who want to swim naked occasionally, including students. The club now consists of 51 members and 30 people who come occasionally.


According to NZD president Jacob van der Woude, nude swimming is nice because ‘you don’t have to deal with squeezing swimwear’. “You can feel much better how your body is in contact with water. At some point it is so natural that you don’t want anything else. You feel free and can be yourself.”


Once naked, according to Van der Woude, no one will stand out. “Of course, the first time it’s a little uncomfortable to undress in the presence of strangers. But that goes for everyone. Differences that were there because of the clothing fall away.” The president describes NZD as an association ‘where people interact and respect each other in a very natural way’. “Intimacies are not allowed. Above all, NZD is an association where people have a very pleasant and enjoyable time.” (SB)


Swimming for free in September

  • Swimming with the NZD is possible every Sunday from 4 September 2022 between 13:00 and 14:00 in the Sportfondsenbad in Delft. In September entrance is free for students. After that, students pay 6 euros a time, other adults 7 euros. A membership for a year costs 135 euro. Then swimming is free. Membership comes with more benefits. See the NZD website.


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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