Survey into the position of scholarship PhDs

Survey into the position of scholarship PhDs



The Dutch PhD Network (PNN) wants to find out more about the working conditions and financial position of international scholarship PhD candidates. Are they treated like other PhD candidates or not?


“It cannot be explained”, says PNN president Anneke Kastelein. Too often, distressing stories emerge about the situation of international fellowship PhD candidates in the Netherlands. “For some time there have been worrying signs. They have to make do with 1350 euros a month, do not have access to an email account and health insurance and do not even get a Christmas present.”


But what problems they face in general and what exactly universities are doing about it are still unknown. That is why PNN has created a questionnaire for scholarship PhDs to fill in.


Kastelein calls on universities, professors, university hospitals and research institutes to distribute it. “The intention is ultimately for institutions to think proactively about how they can help scholarship PhDs.”. (HOP, PvT)



Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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