Studium Generale cancels party

Studium Generale cancels party


Studium Generale has cancelled the party to celebrate its 75th anniversary on 18 November. With the stricter measures that recently came into force in public buildings – the compulsory wearing of a face mask and the advice to keep one and a half metres distance – Studium Generale thinks it is impossible to hold a party in the hall of the TU Delft Library. Moreover, writes SG head Yannick Servais, he does not want to endanger anyone’s health.


About one hundred guests were to be present at the occasion. The programme included a talk by Rector Tim van der Hagen and philosopher Alicja Gescinska and music by concert pianist and associate professor Cynthia Liem.


Servais regrets the decision to cancel the party, but did not have a ‘comfortable feeling’ about going through with it. For him the decision is even more regrettable, because he will soon leave TU Delft after three and a half years for a new job at Utrecht University. “Of course the party was not about me, but it would have been a nice symbolic ending. We gambled and lost.”


Studium Generale has moved the event to the spring of 2022.


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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