Student rescues man from water: ‘You don’t think about it’

Student Casper (InHolland) performed a downright heroic act on Saturday night. On the way back from a barbecue with his hockey team, he witnessed a car ending up in the water along the Oostpoortweg in Delft. This is what local broadcaster Omroep West writes on Monday. The student jumped in and saved the life of the driver.

Casper did not hesitate for a moment, took off his clothes and jumped in, he tells the regional broadcaster. “It happens very quickly. You don’t think about it. I just thought someone should check if the driver is okay, and if there were other people in the car.”

After the student helped the motorist out of the water, the incident took a surprising turn. The driver said he could not contact the police, Casper told Omroep West. After thanking him, he ran away.

The attempts of the police to find the driver were in vain, the broadcaster writes. The police spokesman also let Omroep West know that it is not yet known how the car ended up in the water. Footage of the incident can be found at Regio15.

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