Solar car sweat

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Solar car sweat


The Delft students of the Vattenfall Solar Team, which will take part in the Solar Challenge Morocco in a month’s time, have announced that solar car Nuna11 has passed its first laps on Moroccan soil with flying colours. “Now the drivers need to get there as well.”


Out of the pit box, onto the Moulay El Hassan circuit: the first metres on Moroccan soil went well for Nuna11. (Photo: still from the test drive YouTube-video)

Although 32 degrees Celsius is relatively cool for Moroccan standards, the transition for the drivers is big, the team reports in a press release. Behind the wheel the temperatures rose to 45 degrees; driver Stijn van Muiden got out of the car completely soaked. “This is quite different from what I am used to in the Netherlands. That will be interesting when we go driving in the desert.” The car has no facilities to get rid of sweat; all perspiration has to evaporate because of the heat. “It’s a bit dirty”, says Van Muiden. “Maybe we should ask the technical team if a drain can be installed.” (ME)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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