Slightly more programmes with numerus fixus

Slightly more programmes with numerus fixus



The list of university bachelor’s programmes with a limited number of first-year students will be longer next academic year than this year. Three are leaving and five are joining. This year, there were 59 fixus programmes on the list (in Dutch), which will become 61. New, for example, is the political science programme at the University of Amsterdam. That had actually only wanted to limit the influx of international students, but that is not yet legally possible. So the new fixus applies to both foreign and Dutch students.


Other newcomers on the list are the science programmes biomedical sciences at Maastricht University, pharmacy at the University of Groningen and computer science and health & life at VU University Amsterdam. Lifted are the numeri fixi at the artificial intelligence programme at Nijmegen, biopharmaceutical sciences at Leiden and industrial design at Eindhoven. 


Like this academic year, TU Delft has six bachelor’s programmes with a numerus fixus. The numbers may vary, though. For instance, architecture allowed a maximum of 400 students this academic year. Technical computer science also allows 50 more students than this year; from 500 to 550. Industrial design (350), clinical technology (100), aerospace engineering (440) and nanobiology (120) remain the same. (HOP, HC)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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