SER Youth Platform: government must help young people

SER Youth Platform: government must help young people



SER Jongerenplatform finds it about time that politicians take youngsters into account. The high cost of housing, the flexible labour market and study debt must be addressed.


Today the platform presents the exploration ‘Veelbelovend’ (Promising). In it, young people plead for a ‘generation test’ for government policies, so that the consequences for young people are clear. The goal is a “fair distribution of opportunities between generations and among young people”. 


Loan system
SER Jongerenplatform-chairman Maurice Knijnenburg argues, among other things, for “a real compensation scheme for loan system students, a reduction of the pressure on the housing market for starters and a structural approach for vulnerable young people on the labour market.


There should also be more attention for students with disabilities or from non-Western migration backgrounds, who for example face discrimination when looking for an internship. Other points of interest include high rent prices, pensions and the consequences of the coronapandemic. Furthermore, the young people warn against “passing the bill” for the climate crisis. (HOP, JvE/BB)


  • The SER (Social and Economic Council) brings together employers, employees and experts. They advise the cabinet. Student organisations ISO and LSVb are involved in the council’s youth platform, as well as LAKS and JOB (for high-school and MBO students). Other representatives include youth trade unions, the climate movement, employers and the National Youth Council. 


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