Scabies outbreak in two Delft student houses

Scabies outbreak in two Delft student houses



Scabies was detected in two Delft student houses in November. The skin disease, caused by a mite, causes allergic reactions such as itching and red bumps on the skin.


Although they are extra alert on outbreaks of scabies, according to the GGD Haaglanden it is not exceptional that a local increase of the contagious disease has been spotted in Delft, reports the AD. However, the GGD does call upon people in Delft to visit their family doctor in case of unexplained skin complaints. 


In Groningen, there has been a real peak in scabies infections in recent weeks. Dozens of student houses were affected and ointments had to be continuously restocked at pharmacies. 


Goodbye itch
Nobody wants a scabies mite as an extra housemate, yet the creature feels right at home among students. Students generally live in close proximity to each other and since the lockdown are also at home more often.


Do not give the mite a chance and therefore wash your bed sheets regularly at a high temperature (60 degrees), do not exchange unwashed clothes and inform each other if you have caught scabies.


Are you infected? Then contact your family doctor. Treatment with a special cream is often sufficient. It is important that all members of the household receive the treatment at the same time and that all textiles are washed in order to prevent new infections. (MvdV)



News editor Marjolein van der Veldt

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