Running for city council: Daan Gorsse

Who are the people who study and work at TU Delft? We meet them in Humans of TU Delft where they talk about their work or other activities. Fourth year bachelor’s student (TBM) Daan Gorsse thinks improving our community is important. Running for city council with CDA, he hopes to be part of making Delft a better place.

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“When I was around 16 years old, I joined a youth council where I lived in Zeeland. I thought it was very interesting to represent people who are the same age as you and to help the municipality decide what’s best for the whole community. It was fun to be part of that and from there I became interested in politics and joined CDA.

The basic principles of CDA really suited me. I think stewardship is a very important one. It means that you have to give, in this case Delft, back to our successors in even better shape than we found it. I think that’s true for the whole world, but on a small scale we can all make a difference in improving Delft.

‘Important for students to be connected to the people around us’

CDA is really a party of the people, and I think it’s important for students who are living in a bubble sometimes, to be connected to the people around them, not just students. I think it’s meaningful to live together, not just side by side. Another good point is that CDA Delft wants to be energy neutral as soon as possible. We have to take care of the planet and everyone can help, because it’s about shared responsibility.

I really love Delft. I live in the city center and it’s such an amazing little town. I work on the canal boat tours so I know a lot about the history of Delft. It still amazes me that we live in such a cool museum while it is such a vibrant city at the same time.”

This Humans is part of an election series on TU Delft students and employees who are active in local politics. Local elections are held on March 21st. Also read about students Timo TӧnsMichelle CortenStijn de VreedeVincent van Roon, and TU-employee Leon Hombergen who are also running for city council. 

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