Run on new basic grant

Run on new basic grant



Several tens of thousands of students and incoming freshmen have already applied for the basic grant, reports the Education Executive Agency (DUO). Monday was the first day it was possible.



Starting this week, students can apply to student finance agency DUO for the new basic grant. They will not receive it automatically and have to apply for the grant themselves if they are entitled to it.



If they do so before 1 September, they will receive the first payment as early as September, DUO promises. Many students pressed on. On Monday afternoon at four o’clock, the counter stood at 33,500 applicants and on Tuesday morning it was already 61 thousand, reports DUO.



From September, students can get 110 euros per month if they live with their parents and 275 euros if they move into rooms. The latter group will additionally receive 164 euros next academic year due to inflation. The basic grant is initially a loan, which is only waived if you graduate within ten years. Otherwise, you have to pay it all back. More information on DUO’s website (in Dutch). (HOP, BB)


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