Rubicon grant for EEMCS researcher

Rubicon grant for EEMCS researcher



Research funders NWO and ZonMw are giving 16 newly promoted scientists a Rubicon grant to gain experience at a foreign knowledge institution. They are nine men and seven women. Almost all of them will go abroad for two years. For example, they are doing research on how to recreate human bones with a 3D printer and how memories are stored in the brain.


One of the laureates is Annemarijn Steijlen. She received her PhD in 2022 from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) and is using the grant as a postdoc at the University of Antwerp. She started there in October 2022. Her goal is to develop a sensor patch that can measure whether the medication dosage is optimal based on a person’s sweat. That saves blood sampling.


For this third and final round of 2022 Rubicon grants, 42 applications had been submitted, of which 38.5 per cent were honoured. Funders NWO and ZonMw award about 60 of these every year. (HOP, PvT)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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