Rotterdam student society punished after violence in Delft

The Rotterdamsch Studenten Corps is not welcome at official events at Erasmus University after 41 members violently entered the main building of the Delftsch Studenten Corps.

On Friday 19 November, 41 members of the Rotterdamsch Studenten Corps entered the DSC society building. (Photo: Katja Wijnands)

Using clubs and fireworks, members of the Rotterdam student society Rotterdamsch Studenten Corps (RSC) violently forced their way into the Delft society Delftsch Studenten Corps (DSC). Three senators of the Rotterdam club were also involved. Dishes, furniture and a window paid the price.

Several members of the DSC were in the building at the time of the break-in. One of them reported the incident to the police as assault. The trigger: Delft freshers had stolen a white armchair (in Dutch) in Rotterdam belonging to the club’s executives.

The violent incident took place on Friday, 19 November. The chairperson of the RSC has issued an apology to the DSC, as well as to their own university and the mayors of Delft and Rotterdam. The members who were involved have been suspended, including three senators.

But Erasmus University Rotterdam doesn’t think that’s enough. RSC will be excluded from all official events for the rest of the academic year, AD reported (in Dutch). Incidentally, there aren’t that many events since the New Year’s Drinks Reception has been called off because of Covid.

The university has confirmed the report. The rector expects the society to use the rest of the academic year to reflect and institute changes, a spokesperson said. If the society takes this advice to heart, its members may be allowed to attend the opening ceremonies of the new academic year.

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