Ronald Hanson wins Physics Prize 2022

Ronald Hanson wins Physics Prize 2022



The new year has not yet begun and the Dutch Physics Society (NNV) has awarded the annual Physics Prize to Professor Ronald Hanson, Distinguished Professor of Quantum Computing and Quantum Internet at the Faculty of Applied Physics and group leader at QuTech. The Physics Prize is awarded every year to eminent physicists living in the Netherlands.


Hanson regularly publishes in top scientific journals such as Science and Nature. Experimental highlights of recent years include entanglement between two electrons more than a kilometre apart (2015), and the temporary storage of information during entanglement (2017) to allow for a broken entanglement to be repaired. In 2019, Hanson was awarded the Spinoza Prize.


In addition to his scientific merits, the NNV praised Hansons open attitude to the media and his outreach activities to the general public. In addition, he played a key role in setting up the National Agenda Quantum Technology, including finding funding.


Hanson will be awarded the prize at the FYSICA 2022 conference on Friday 22 April. He will also deliver the accompanying Physicale lecture. ‘As Ronald Hanson is known as an excellent speaker, we are very much looking forward to it, writes the NNV. (JW)


Science editor Jos Wassink

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