Return of basic grant not without debate

Return of basic grant not without debate



A debate on the return of the basic scholarship is in full swing in the House of Representatives. Why don’t unlucky students get higher compensation for the high debts they incurred in the loan system? opposition parties ask. Since 2015, new students no longer received a basic grant. This led to higher debts, which is why the current cabinet is coming up with a compensation for these students. One billion euros has been earmarked for this.


The opposition parties think this is too little. Those who missed out on four years of the basic grant will soon receive around 1,400 euros. This is disproportionate to the money lost. SP, DENK, JA21 and the Party for the Animals are challenging the CDA: is it not a political choice to compensate these students so little?


The debate is expected to continue throughout the day. The governing parties will make detailed proposals to slightly improve the cabinet plans, while the opposition will come up with more radical criticisms. But in the end, almost everyone in the Lower House is happy that the basic scholarship is coming back. (HOP, BB)


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