Racing with concrete canoes

Concrete Canoe Race on May 13th



Study association U-Base (for master students of Construction Materials and Structural Engineering at CiTG) is organising the Concrete Canoe Race in the weekend of 12 to 14 May, with the actual races on 13 May in Delftse Hout. The event is open to all, but there is limited capacity reports the organisation. Civil students from all over the Netherlands and abroad are taking part in the race.


TU Delft is participating with one team and two boats. “A concrete canoe seems very heavy, but it simply sails by Archimedes’ law. The wall must be strong enough not to break and not too porous because otherwise too much water will enter the material,” master’s student Jasmijn explains. “One canoe is made with a concrete mixture based on last year’s concrete. That one is guaranteed to sail. The other canoe consists of waste products without cement. With that, we hope to make the most sustainable canoe, but maybe we will receive only the consolation prize if it sinks.”


Jasmijn thinks this event is a good opportunity to put the theory learnt into practical use. “We don’t make much during our studies. Here we can see directly what the effects are if we change the concrete mix.” The canoes will be destroyed afterwards, but the team plans to keep a piece.

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