Party from home this weekend with these live streams

After a week of hard studying at home, it’s now the weekend! But… everything is closed. Delta went looking for the best online parties for this weekend.

Partying students in better times, the OWee 2019. (Photo: Roos van Tongeren)

Before doing anything else, why not first make a delicious cocktail for yourself. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, Steck publishes a tutorial for the best cocktails on Facebook and Insta.

All concerts in the near future have been cancelled. De Melkweg is publishing an interesting documentary, podcast or live session every day so that you don’t get bored.

Tivoli Vredenburg is broadcasting a ‘live’ concert every day at 20:00. They have delved into their archive and have selected the best concerts from the past few years.

Clubs are asking people to buy a ‘digital drink’

Feel like something a little louder? Clubs may have closed their doors, but they haven’t stopped the music. Club Panama Amsterdam was planning to throw a party on Friday to celebrate their 19th birthday. Instead of postponing it, they are streaming it online. Tune in to Facebook at 22:00 on Friday.

Club Nyx is streaming their DJs (in face masks) every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from their location. The ‘Huisfeestje van Nyx’ is from 22:00 to 00:00. Last week they still had a small number of dancing guests, but not this week in all likelihood.

The NDSM will have a #homerave session on YouTube on Saturday where you can chat to your heart’s content.

Tune in
Dancing at home is fun, but it’s even better to watch other people dancing. Vice and the Amsterdam nightclub Club are holding an isolation rave on Friday evening where you can share your living room with others.

But the biggest online party in the Netherlands this weekend will probably be held by The Gardens of Babylon. They are calling on people to decorate their living rooms and are putting face painting tutorials online. And if you are tuned in, you have to dance. They have space for 1,000 people on Zoom. Anyone above this number will have to queue up, just like they would for a real club. If you don’t join in (e.g. if you don’t dance or your camera is off), you will be thrown off. If you don’t feel like dancing with 999 strangers, watch the party via the live stream. Or set up your own channel with friends.

The clubs and music venues are not organising all this for nothing, even though it seems like it. They are calling people to buy a ‘digital drink’ or a voucher so that they can stay up and running after the corona crisis.

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