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The OWee in pictures day 4: roaring along at the cantus

Thousands of new students are getting acquainted with Delft student life this week. Delta is covering the event. This was Wednesday.

Joy at the cantus. (Photos: Jaden Accord)

The cantus sing-along is as enjoyable as ever. To facilitate roaring along, a large screen with song lyrics has been mounted just out of frame. Beer throwing is prevented with a trick: give the arriving students water pistols and you will have no problem with them.

The cantus is one of the few official OWee events where beer is still served. Due to the many measures taken by the organisers to combat alcohol abuse, almost everyone stays on their feet.

Of course, you can also make a smoothy while cycling, here at the activity market.

Ever seen such a mega-sized Twister canvas? Stay balanced!

The Green Village is one of the stops during the campus tour. Surely useful to know where you keep cycling past on your way to X and Campus South.

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