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The OWee in pictures day 1: roll out your mat and go to the Schie dinner

Thousands of new students are getting acquainted with Delft student life this week. Delta is covering the event. This was Sunday.

New students can collect their wristbands during the logistic opening of the OWee. (Photos: Jaden Accord)

One comes singing loudly from their freshmen weekend, another is dropped off by mum and dad, and the third has just come from the airport: during the logistical opening of the OWee in the auditorium on Sunday afternoon, 13 August, they all come together for the first time. Here they get their wristbands: yellow for under 18, purple for above. It gives freshmen access to all OWee events.

A large proportion of this year’s freshmen are sleeping in one of the sports halls at sports and cultural centre X. Fully packed, they are on their way.

After the sleeping mats have been rolled out, with some groups claiming a joint corner of the sports hall right away, it is time for the Schie dinner. Alcohol is not allowed there, so bags are not allowed in.

It may not look like it at first glance, but the barbecue at the Schie is entirely vegetarian. Local residents are allowed to participate in the meal for the first time this year.

A parade of student associations of all kinds passes by the eating students: dozens of social and sports clubs come by. Travel association Aegee, pictured here, has also hired a golf cart to entice the freshmen to join.

The opening party in the car park next to the TU Delft Library is the next stop.

Although the OWee participants can also catch a part of the quiet programme each evening at X. This lie-down concert makes them relax completely, which is just as well, as the prospective students have four full days ahead of them.

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