Out now: the 4TU Career Special

Out now: the 4TU Career Special

Applying for a job in times of corona is a daunting task for any recent, or soon-to-be graduate. This second edition of the 4TU Career Special is full of tips on how it is best approached. It is an unusual edition, as the magazine was both produced and published during this period of crisis. However, above all, the editorial boards of the four technical universities (Including Delta), understand that especially now job seekers could use a bit of help.

Therefore, in this edition you will find plenty of information about ‘the new way of working’, including practical advice on digital job applications. Additionally, it features a story about the effects the corona crisis has had on the job market. It is good to know that universities, and the technical universities in particular, remain pivotal to an innovative society.  These are the words of Paul van Nunen, who is connected to Brainport Development in Eindhoven. ‘Eventually we will have to strengthen the earning capacity in the Netherlands by connecting new knowledge to new products. We are lucky to have these excellent universities’, says Van Nunen.

In addition, we also report on entrepreneurship, start-ups, and the careers of our alumni. Louise O. Fresco, president of the 4TU Federation and chair of the executive board, kicks off with the following words: ‘At precisely this moment that the world’s economy comes to a standstill and our campuses are closed, this career special is there to show our students that their education offers them a world of limitless possibilities.’  Just what these possibilities are, you will read in this career special.

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Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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