No corona money for some bachelors

No corona money for some bachelors



No tuition fee reduction, no graduation allowance. One in five bachelor graduates are missing out on the Government’s corona compensation. In total, it saves the Government over EUR 4 million.


This autumn, a student wrote a brief letter to the education spokespersons of the Lower House of Parliament about compensation for students in times of corona. There is a group that falls between a rock and a hard place, is the message.


The Government has come up with two concessions. Those who obtained a higher vocational education diploma (two-year associate degree, bachelor or master) in the last academic year received EUR 535 as a gift. This also applied to university master graduates. But what about university bachelors?


They don’t get any money because they haven’t finished studying yet. If they start a master’s programme, they will only pay half the tuition fees this year. That’s a form of compensation too, is the reasoning.

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