No chance for higher education to open up sooner

No chance for higher education to open up sooner


A call by GroenLinks and the SGP to ease the lockdown of higher education as early as next week has not received sufficient support in the Lower House. The Cabinet announced on Monday 8 March that higher education will remain in lockdown for another three weeks.  If the contamination figures allow, the door may be slightly opened at the end of March and students will be able to attend their courses one day a week again.


Mental health

Can’t this be done a bit sooner, asked GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver during a parliamentary debate to outgoing Prime Minister Rutte (VVD). In light of the mental health of young people, he considers it riskier to ban them from the campus any longer. And in big shops more people are allowed in now, aren’t they? Why doesn’t higher education get priority?

Although Rutte is also “very keen” to give higher education more space, he does not consider this responsible at this time. He denied that higher education could have been opened up if the number of customers in shops had remained the same. The very limited effects of this on the number of infections, he said, cannot be compared with opening up higher education. “That is really something different.” (HOP, Hein Cuppen)

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