No BSN for Caribbean students yet

No BSN for Caribbean students yet



The National Ombudsman Reinier van Zutphen is once again sounding the alarm. Contrary to promises, new Caribbean students still have problems applying for their social security number (BSN), Van Zutphen warned during an interparliamentary consultation of delegations from Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and the Netherlands. At the TU Delft as well, Caribbean students encounter problems and drop out of their studies relatively often, Delta wrote in 2021.


Minister of Education Robbert Dijkgraaf (D66) announced in November that Caribbean students planning to study in the ‘European Netherlands’ could receive a BSN via DUO before their departure to register them in the Dutch basic administration. Until now, they can only apply for their citizen service number after arrival in the Netherlands.


This causes delays and hassle in arranging their student finance and their student transport. Without the BSN, they can not open a bank account or get insurance. Everything should be better organized by April next year, is the goal now. 


The Ombudsman urged the cabinet to ensure this deadline is met. According to him, the situation in the Netherlands is harrowing. It is currently easier for Caribbean students to study in Belgium, for example: at least they are treated as EU citizens there, he sneered. (HOP, PvT)


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