No advanced grants to TU Delft

No advanced grants to TU Delft



No advanced grants from the European Research Council ERC for experienced TU Delft researchers this year. In 2022 and 2021, two grants of up to €2.5 million went to Delft.


At the same time, half as many grants are going to the Netherlands this year as last year: only 14 out of 218. This time, two grants will go to the University of Groningen, the University of Utrecht, Radboud University and the University of Twente. NWO institutes, the Free University (VU), the VU Medical Centre (MC), TU Eindhoven, the University of Amsterdam and Erasmus MC will each receive one.


The awards are provisional, as the grants for the United Kingdom are not yet certain. After all, the country has left the European Union. There is a treaty that allows UK participation in the European research programme, but it still needs to be worked out in more detail.


Each year, the ERC distributes grants to young researchers (starting grants of €1.5 million), experienced researchers (consolidator grants of €2 million) and top researchers (advanced grants of €2.5 million). (HOP, HC)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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