New: Wubbo Ockels Innovation Prize

New: Wubbo Ockels Innovation Prize





The Groene Grachten Foundation has launched a new sustainability initiative that rewards the three best sustainable ideas with 10 thousand euros. The Groene Grachten (‘green canals’), which makes monumental houses and offices more sustainable, was the last sustainable initiative from former astronaut Wubbo Ockels in 2012.


Ockels worked as a professor of sustainable technology (in Dutch) at TU Delft from 1992. He had been inspired by the view of the fragile blue planet in the cold and empty void of space. In Delft, he attached his name to, among others, the Nuna solar cars, the solar boat (now Hydro Motion Team) and the ladder mill (now: Kitepower). He died in 2014.


And now there is the Wubbo Ockels Innovation Award to promote the best sustainable ideas in the field of climate adaptation, biodiversity, CO2 neutrality, circularity and liveability.


  • Do you have a good plan? Then submit it to the competition website by 1 October 2023 at the latest and stand a chance of winning a cash prize of 10 thousand euros and support in realising your idea.


The winners will be announced on 3 November 2023 during a festive event at The Green Village in Delft. (JW)


Science editor Jos Wassink

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