Need a place to study on campus? Contact the study advisor

TU Delft has drawn up a timeline detailing current and future corona measures. What is new is that study places must be requested at the study advisor.

(Photo: Marjolein van der Veldt)

The timeline gives a brief overview of the basic principles for introducing and relaxing corona-measures. Much was already known: all exams will be online up to and including the summer, for example, and the OWee will be held in an adapted form. What was not previously announced is that study places will become available again from 1 September, but to a limited extent and via the study advisor.


Last week, Rector Magnificus and Executive Board Chairman Tim van der Hagen explained on this website that changes will be gradual and phased in slowly. He also spoke of a preferred scenario in which twenty percent of education can take place on campus again using time slots, zip code policy, plastic walls, tape on the floor, stretched timetables and one-way traffic on cycle paths.

Five task forces are currently in the process of shaping TU Delft after 1 September. 3mE Dean Theun Baller heads the team that will bring all the recommendations together. In the video below he says he wants to create a TU Delft ‘that is even better than it already was’. “It’s a big challenge how we are going to divide the scarce, very valuable time om campus.  We have prioritised our the first year students, but we don’t want to overlook students from other years.”

Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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