Motion: Also energy surcharge without personal contract

Motion: Also energy surcharge without personal contract



Students without a personal energy contract who can prove that their energy costs have increased should also be eligible for an energy allowance from the municipality of Delft. This is stated in a motion (in Dutch) submitted by Stip, ChristenUnie and CDA at a city council meeting on Thursday 22 September.


Alderman Joëlle Gooijer during the energy surcharge debate. (Foto: screenshot city council meeting/Ris)


Delft is one of the few municipalities to pay an energy surcharge to students, although in practice it proves disappointing. Delft applies different conditions. One is that students must have an energy contract in their own name, while as tenants they often do not have one because energy costs are included in their rent.


Stip, ChristenUnie and CDA want that changed. Their motion, like other motions, did not come to a vote because they all have quite a few financial consequences and Alderman Joëlle Gooijer wanted to calculate them first. The city council called an extra meeting on 3 October to discuss her proposals. (SB)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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