More university of applied sciences lecturers on permanent contract

More university of applied sciences lecturers on permanent contract



Teachers at universities of applied sciences are slightly more often on permanent contracts again. Support staff, on the other hand, are more and more on temporary contracts. 


For several years, the share of lecturers on temporary contracts hovered around 15 percent, but in 2021 it shot up to 19 percent. Now it has dropped again to 18 percent. The 2021 rise was due to corona funds for education, was the explanation at the time. There is now a record number of college teachers: there are more than 37 thousand of them, together filling more than 26,500 FTEs.


Among support staff, totalling 17 thousand employees, the share of temporary contracts has increased for the fourth consecutive year. It now stands at 17 percent.


There are considerable differences between universities of applied sciences, a comparison of the largest institutions shows. At Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, 13 percent of lecturers are on temporary contracts, while at Leiden University of Applied Sciences the figure is twice as high.


The same applies to support staff, with the same colleges at the ends of the spectrum: at the HvA, 11 percent have a temporary contract, while at the Hogeschool Leiden it is 22 percent.


According to trade union AOb, administrators in education are flex-addicted (in Dutch), especially at universities. With a bus, activists drove past several institutions to draw attention to the ‘addiction’. (HOP, BB)

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