More confidence in science

More confidence in science

The Dutch have gained more confidence in science, according to a triennial poll conducted by the Rathenau Institute. The results of that survey are invariably positive: Dutch people find science much more reliable than, say, politics or the media.

But would that be different in coronation time? No, according to the answers given by over 1,500 respondents this spring. On the contrary: three years ago, citizens gave the reliability of science a 7.1. That figure has now risen to 7.4 – the highest figure to date.

The second place is for the judiciary (6.9), followed by newspapers (6.1) and trade unions (6.1). The House of Representatives and the government still just barely achieve a six, but that is not the case for television (5.9) and large companies (5.5).

Almost a quarter of the respondents say that their confidence in science has increased precisely because of the corona crisis. For 16 percent, the opposite is true. Remarkably, respondents from both groups cite the speed with which vaccines have been developed as an explanation: some see it as a plus, others are frightened by it.

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Editor Tomas van Dijk

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