Middle East: X organises ‘conversations to share’

Middle East: X organises ‘conversations to share’



For students and staff who feel the need, X is organising two so-called Share & Care meetings: ‘open conversations about the impact the situation in the Middle East has on you’.


On its website, X writes: “The events in the Middle East deeply affect many of us. In these times of uncertainty and major events, it’s crucial that we listen, share, and console one another.”


The meetings are designed to share ‘thoughts and feelings’ ‘in a safe, respectful environment’. The evenings are led by a certified mediator and a certified coach/trainer.


X previously organised Share & Care meetings around the war in Ukraine and the uprising in Iran. Like then, the number of places is limited ‘to maintain an intimate and safe setting’. Should it prove necessary, X will schedule more talks on the Middle East. (SB)


  • What: ‘Share & Care: open conversations the impact of the situation in the Middle East on you’.
  • When: 31 October and 14 November, both from 8 PM to 9.30 PM (both can be attended separately).
  • Where: X’s Freetown living room.
  • Admission: Students and staff can visit without registering. Free.
  • Visit X’s website.


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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