Medical Delta network expands

Medical Delta network expands



The eleven new faces in the Medical Delta network. Check link below for names and expertises. (Photo: Medical Delta)


The inauguration of nine Medical Delta professors and two Medical Delta lecturers (a novelty) was a part of the Medical Delta conference at the Rotterdam Laurenskerk on Tuesday 14 November 2023. The organisation released a list of names and research fields of the new members.


Staff shortages, an increasing demand for care, healthcare systems that are bogged down: in more and more fields, the predicted healthcare infarct is now being felt, Medical Delta argues. In response, the organisation presented its new vision, mission and strategy based on transdisciplinary collaboration. Not only between scientific disciplines, or between science and healthcare organisations, governments and companies, but also together with healthcare professionals and patients.


Medical Delta’s new programming will start from mid-2024 and will focus around so-called ‘societies’. These societies initially form on the themes ‘Care’, ‘Prevention’, ‘Transformation’ and ‘Greening’.



Science editor Jos Wassink

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