Mechanical engineering students build marble trains

Mechanical Engineering students build marble trains



As every year, on Monday 30 October, the 793 first-year mechanical engineering students presented their marble machines. 


Lecturer and Delta columnist Bob van Vliet instructs his students. (Photos: Thijs van Reeuwijk)


The freshmen were divided into four project groups, each of which in turn consisted of 32 groups of four people. Each project group had to build as long a marble track as possible, consisting of 32 parts, passing wooden marbles from part to part.


After demonstrating, it was time to dismantle. For that, careful attention was paid to parts that could be reused later, such as bolts, nuts, adjusting rings and allen keys. Not all the marble machines were taken apart; some students wanted to take their constructions home with them. (BK)


News editor Bas Koppe

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