Master in science communication ends for good

Master in science communication ends for good



The master programme in science communication is ending for good. From next academic year, no new students will be able to register. The Faculty of Applied Sciences (AS), under which the master’s programme falls, announced this by letter to its students in February. The programme would not fit within the educational portfolio of AS, dean Paulien Herder said earlier.


The faculty investigated whether the master’s, with the track name communication design for innovation, could join another faculty. To this end, Herder approached the deans of the faculties of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM), Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) and Architecture and the Built Environment. They declined to take over, Herder informs Delta by e-mail.


Current master’s students can still complete the programme according to TU regulations. To do so, they will be given one year longer than the duration of the master’s variant the students are following (1,2 or 3 years). That means the last students will have until September 2026 to complete their master’s programme.


In 2026, the umbrella programme science education and communication, which includes the master’s in science communication, will have a new name: MSc Education in Science.


What will happen to the staff of the master’s programme is not known. Dean Herder does not want to make any public statements about that. (RvdW)



Science editor Rob van der Wal

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