Martians go underground

Martians go underground



Just like plant roots, the first Mars inhabitants will go underground. This is the idea behind Rhizome (which means plant root), the Mars habitat project. Wednesday 1 June saw the conclusion of the project with students presenting their ideas and solutions. Watch the video for a quick impression.



Building underground is logical, explains Dr Henriette Bier (Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment). Underground accommodation provides thermal insulation and protection from cosmic rays. Empty lava tunnels will serve as a starting point. Constructions are made with a 3D printer using cement and sand from the Martian soil. The printed structures are optimised porous structures that help optimise insulation. Energy comes from a combination of kite power turbines and solar panels.


In this project, TU Delft cooperated with Vertico (concrete 3D printing) and the European Space Agency (ESA).


Read also this article: Will the first Martians be robots? (from Alumni Magazine Delft Outlook)


Science editor Jos Wassink

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