Lecturer allowed to copy at most 40 pages

Lecturer allowed to copy at most 40 pages


Lecturers occasionally copy and scan something for their students. They should start doing that a little less, according to a new agreement between universities and the foundation that manages copyright in education. 


University lecturers’ digital reading lists often contain links to open access articles or their own work, but also to journals, books and articles that are actually copyrighted. So that costs something.

Lecturers are now allowed to copy up to forty pages from such publications for their classes, provided that it is a maximum of 20 percent of the original work, reports umbrella association Universities of the Netherlands (UNL). Previously, lecturers were allowed to reuse 50 pages, and a maximum of 25 percent of the original work. 


The new agreements made by UNL and copyright foundation UvO on the reuse of copyright material at universities cover both digital use and paper copies. The agreement applies until 2025. 


The universities will collectively pay the publisher around EUR 7 million each year for this in the coming years. But the publisher suspects that actual reuse is greater than what that amount covers. That is why the universities are going to track more precisely over the next three years exactly how much is reused, says the university association. (HOP, PvT)


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