‘Kring Awards’ to Leiden and Groningen

‘Kring Awards’ to Leiden and Groningen



At the annual gathering for higher education media, the ‘Kring congress’, awards were presented for the best column, investigative journalism production and video or podcast. Winners of these ‘Kring awards’ were Mare (Leiden University) and HanzeMag (Hanze University Groningen). For each category, each first-prize winner received 250 euros.


Part of the Mare editotial team with editor-in-chief Frank Provoost on the right. (Photo: Eric Brinkhorst)


Mare took the first prize in the investigative journalism category, for an article on smart cameras at building entrances and lecture halls. HanzeMag finished in first place in the video/podcast category, for their documentary about three international students and their desperate search for accommodation. Mare also won the first prize in the columns category, with a contribution by editor-in-chief Frank Provoost, who criticised how Leiden University covers up fraud and leaves whistleblowers out in the cold (in Dutch).


The meeting, organised by U-Today on behalf of the ‘Kring van hoofdredacteuren van hoger onderwijs media’, took place on Twente University’s campus. There were keynote lecture and a panel discussion on ‘inclusive journalism’. (Rense Kuipers/U-Today)


Part of the HanzeMag editorial team. (Photo: Eric Brinkhorst)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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