Judge bans new student homes

Judge bans 4,000 new student homes in Amstelveen



The construction of new student housing in the vicinity of Schiphol Airport violates the aviation law, according to the Council of State. So plans for large-scale new housing next to the Uilenstede student campus are cancelled.


In the vacant Kronenburg office district, right next to Uilenstede, the municipality wanted to build 2,500 new student homes and more than 1,500 homes for international students and employees. But the minister of Infrastructure and Water Management did not give permission and went to the Administrative Law Division of the Council of State. Today, the Council annulled this part of the zoning plan: without the consent of the Ministry, the plans will not go ahead.


In 2018 the Ministry objected to the plan to substantially expand Uilenstede. Overflying airplanes would have endangered the safety and health of residents. But new laws and regulations came into being that gave Amstelveen the idea that there were possibilities after all.


On May 18th the Administrative Law Division ruled in favor of the minister. To the anger of the Amsterdam Student Union ASVA, which has already demonstrated against the impending decision and is announcing new actions. “Uilenstede has existed for 50 years and people live there just fine. It is incomprehensible that students are allowed to live on one side of the street, but not on the other.” (HOP, HC)


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