ISO: Two-thirds of students with support needs experience problems


ISO: Two-thirds of students with special needs experience problems



Many students with a disability or ‘special circumstances’ experience study problems, as it turned out last year. The Intercity Student Consultation commissioned the Nijmegen agency ResearchNed to conduct further research into their obstacles.


Nearly 1,500 students with a ‘support need’ from HBO and WO completed a special questionnaire. Roughly two-thirds of the respondents say they experience problems, half of whom suffer ‘a little’ and the other half ‘(very) much’.


Sometimes this causes study delays. The small group of lung covid patients in particular report a backlog. Even when several problems converge, the affected students fall behind. They’re not always familiar with the offered facilities. 


These students also find it more difficult to devote themselves to ‘extracurricular’ activities, the study shows. For example, participation in committees, trips and other activities that fall outside the curriculum, is ‘very difficult’ for 40 percent of the respondents and ‘a little difficult’ for another 27 percent. All in all, enough reason for institutions to take a good look at the obstacles these students come across, the ISO thinks. (HOP, BB)


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