Inspectorate wants better insight into the quality of education

Inspectorate wants better insight into the quality of education



Why do some Dutch educational programmes not pass the NVAO accreditation organisation’s inspection in one go? And what improvements then help best? Nobody can answer these kinds of questions now, says the Education Inspectorate in its new State of Education (in Dutch). Everyone can read about the performance of individual programmes in the visitation and accreditation reports of NVAO, but what is lacking is a national picture of the challenges that programmes face and the developments they are undergoing.


According to the Inspectorate, nobody can give this at the moment, not even the NVAO. The data from the accreditation system are often not suitable for this purpose. Moreover, they are not accessible enough. The Inspectorate feels that more attention should be paid to this, especially now that there are discussions about the introduction of institutional accreditation. Under this system, universities and universities of applied sciences that meet the requirements may have their courses inspected by experts they appoint themselves. Critics fear, among other things, that this will make the system even less transparent. (HOP, HC)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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