Inclusivity award for TU student

Inclusivity award for TU student



TU Delft student Marissa van der Tol has won the Frank Award of the expertise centre for inclusive education ECIO. She received the 1000 euro prize for her idea to make templates such as course schedules more accessible for people with disabilities. According to Van der Tol, if the colours are right for people with visual impairments, the text is easy to read for the software of people who are blind, the formats are also easy to use for teachers and teachers prepare them in time for everyone, education can become a lot more inclusive.


Vice-rector Rob Mudde was present at the award ceremony. He promised to double the prize money. With that money, Van der Tol wants to have accessible templates made.



Van der Tol studies technical mathematics and has fibromyalgia, a physical disability that causes chronic pain in her muscles. She is a member of the education and policy committee of the TU Delft platform Student Onbeperkt (Student Unlimited) and chairwoman of the national network UN Convention on Disability, for which she advises Lower House members. In March, Van der Tol told Delta (link) how difficult it is to study with a disability and how the online education of the past years was a relief for her. She and others called on the TU Delft community to continue providing hybrid education. (SB)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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