‘Include Switzerland and UK in European research’

‘Include Switzerland and UK in European research’



The European Union cannot afford to exclude Switzerland and the UK from its research programme, says a position paper by Neth-ER, the Dutch education and research outpost in Brussels.
This position paper is a brochure with views on European research. It is the vision that Neth-ER will propagate on behalf of its member organisations.


Switzerland and the UK are two heavyweights in the world of scientific research. It is important for Europe to include those countries in international research, Neth-ER believes.


After the Brexit, the UK cannot simply continue its research programme; talks on participation are ongoing. Switzerland was not allowed to participate after negotiations with the EU on free trade and migration broke down.


So this situation should not last too long, the Dutch research institutions think. Moreover, other ‘like-minded’ countries should also be given access to the programme.


The latter is not unusual. There are currently 16 non-EU countries participating in the research programme, such as Norway, Turkey, Israel and Ukraine. Talks are ongoing with Morocco and, a little further afield, New Zealand. (HOP, BB)


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