Hyperloop companies join forces

Hyperloop companies join forces




The Delft Hyperloop is being tested upside down. (Photo: Delft Hyperloop)


Delft knows Hyperloop One and Hardt, but Europe-wide there are seven companies working on the development of a hyperloop system – a train in a vacuum tube that goes as fast as a commercial aircraft. Late last year, they all signed up to ‘The Hyperloop Association’ – a point of contact, advocate and enquiry point all in one.


In Brussels, the Hyperloop Association will work closely with the European Commission, the European Parliament, Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking. The Hyperloop Association will also engage with stakeholders from industry, research centres and academia to promote progress and pave the way for implementation.


Ben Paczek, CEO and founder of the company Nevomo was elected president of the Hyperloop Association. His startup Nevomo is developing a magnetic hover train in Poland. Paczek said he expected major steps in the coming months: “The European Commission will start work on the regulatory framework for hyperloop, which is an important milestone for the industry. Not only in Europe, but also worldwide.”



Science editor Jos Wassink

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