High number of ‘no-shows’ at TU Delft Library

High number of ‘no-shows’ at TU Delft Library


The TU Delft Library is fed up with the high number of ‘no-shows’; students who reserve a place to study, but then do not turn up.


The Library has 220 study places available daily, all of which are reserved. According to Head of Open Spaces Sabine Kunst, the number of no-shows is around thirty percent. A shame, she thinks. “Because of the large numbers of students who like to come and study, and a shame because it takes Library staff a lot of time to let this process run smoothly.”


She has already taken several measures to reduce the number of ‘no-shows’, all without success.”We email students to draw their attention to it and have even gone so far as to involve study advisors to prevent students from not being allowed to reserve a seat for a week.”


Kunst says she understands that something can come up. “But it’s not very social towards your fellow students to keep a seat occupied that you are not going to use.” Kunst makes an urgent appeal to students to either come with a reservation or to cancel in time via the website. (MvdV)

News editor Marjolein van der Veldt

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