Hestia grant for 11 refugees

Hestia grant for 11 refugees



Eleven refugees can continue their scientific careers in the Netherlands thanks to a special grant from research financier NWO. Although no so-called Hestia grants were awarded at TU Delft this year, refugee scientists are working there.


This is the fourth time the scholarships have been distributed. Due to language problems or cultural differences, it is not easy for refugee scientists to pick up where they left off. As a result, their talent risks being lost and that would be a shame, is the idea behind the scholarship programme.


Researchers will receive full-time appointments for up to one-and-a-half years or part-time appointments for two years. Just under EUR 1.4 million is available for this Hestia round. In total, there were 19 candidates.


Six refugee scientists from Ukraine are currently working at TU Delft. None of them have a scholarship. Five have regular temporary contracts, one has a guest appointment.


The scientiest who recieved Hestia funding will work at Wageningen University & Research (2) Maastricht University (1), Erasmus University Rotterdam (2), University of Groningen (2), University of Amsterdam (2), University of Humanistics (1) and Utrecht University. (Delta/ HOP, PvT)



News editor Annebelle de Bruijn

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