Get out of your ‘room bubble’ with X

Get out of your ‘room bubble’ with X Delft 

Starting next Monday, X TU Delft will offer morning and evening meet-ups for TU Delft students. The daily digital meetings are meant to pull students out of their ‘room bubble’ and to provide them with a daily routine.

The morning sessions are hosted by a student psychologist and intended for a closed group of fourteen students. Starting on Monday they will meet with fellow students every working day at 9 am. Especially study-related themes are discussed. “For example, what expectations you set for yourself in terms of study progress or how you to make sure you have enough energy to study,” says program officer Shamangi Kooistra of X. There is also room for personal conversations. “The psychologist sets a day theme and asks questions, but the conversation topics will also depend strongly on the group itself. You can tell a small group what’s on your mind and which issues you struggle with.”

The evening meet-up starts on weekdays at 6 pm and is open to everyone. “Under the guidance of a host students can exchange stories with each other. During conversations I had with students in recent months I noticed they like to see a new face every now and then.”

According to Kooistra, students aren’t fed up with online activities yet. “Most online meetings, such as lectures, consist only of listening. During our sessions students are actively engaged. In addition, there is still a group of students who prefer not to come to campus.”

Those who want to participate in the morning group can register through this link. Kooistra thinks it will take some time before the morning group is full. “We’re asking quite a bit of students. You really make a commitment for eight weeks. You have to be willing to do that.”



News editor Annebelle de Bruijn

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