Full lecture halls again

Full lecture halls again



In higher education, the maximum of 75 students in a lecture hall will disappear as of 18 February. This is part of a package of relaxations that the government wants to implement now that hospitals have proven to be able to cope with the current wave of coronas infections. For the time being, nothing will change with regard to the compulsory use of face masks in higher education. Students and staff must still wear one in the corridors. If they cannot keep a distance of one and a half metres, the face mask is also required in lessons. Universities and universities of applied sciences do not use corona QR codes, and that will remain the case. 


Protest by the nightlife industry
Part of the planned relaxation package is that pubs will be allowed to stay open until 1 AM. Meanwhile, the announced protest by the nightlife industry will take place on 12 February. Various discotheques will open their doors then, out of dissatisfaction with the closure of almost two years now. In Delft, Steck, De Kurk and de Oude Jan will join the protest, but with a silent disco in the open air, to spare the police. People who wanted to participate could reserve a free ticket. Those tickets are sold out. (HOP/ BB, Delta/SB)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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