Free e-bike or public transport for TU Delft students and staff

Do you come to the campus by car at least three days a week? If so, you can soon test alternative forms of transport for eight weeks.

The car park next to the library. (Photo: Connie van Uffelen)

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The Executive Board of TU Delft is striving to reduce the number of cars on campus, use the scarce space better and have a CO2 neutral campus by 2030 (in Dutch). This is why TU Delft students and staff who come by car will be given the opportunity to either try an electric bike, a public transport card that includes an e-scooter or public transport bike for eight weeks, or to work from home.

You can only join this test if you drive to the campus three days a week on average and you are able to test the alternative forms of transport on Tuesdays and Thursdays at least. You will also be asked to fill in a questionnaire before and after the trial period.

Test an electric bike free to commute twice a week or more for at least eight weeks. One important condition is that testers treat the e-bike carefully. The e-bike remains the property of TU Delft. After eight weeks the testers will get a discount if they purchase an e-bike from the supplier.

Three days or more (and in any case on Tuesdays and Thursdays) for eight weeks commuting to the campus with a separate public transport card (2nd class). The card has enough credit so you do not need to top up the amount. You may use the card only for commuting between home and work and your travel history will be monitored. An additional condition is that you use public transport on at least three days a week and in any case on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You also have the option of travelling the first leg of the journey from home and the last leg to TU Delft using a free public transport bike or a free foldable e-step, the Micro Condor.

Work at least four days a week for eight weeks at home, and in any case on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This option is only available after consultation with your supervisor. You also need to keep track of the days that you work from home and must have access to a laptop with an internet connection.

This option is available during the periods below.

  1. Monday 25 March – Friday 17 May
  2. Monday 20 May – Friday 12 July
  3. Monday 2 September – Friday 25 October
  4. Monday 28 October – Friday 20 December


Of the 6,000 TU Delft staff members, almost 1,800 who live within a radius of 15 kilometres come by car. Up to 100 e-bikes and 10 e-scooters will be made available during the afore-mentioned periods. By Monday 18 February at midday, 50 people had already signed up. Eighty percent chose the e-bike, 17% the public transport card and 3% for working at home. The e-scooter was chosen by four people. Anyone who is already travelling to the campus by bicycle or public transport will receive an, as yet unknown, reward from TU Delft.

News editor Connie van Uffelen

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