Former TU Delft professor is The Smartest Man

Former TU Delft professor is The Smartest Man



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Anyone who studies or has studied at TU Delft is smart, but Jasper van Kuijk is the smartest of them all. Last week, he won the popular Dutch TV quiz De Slimste Mens (The Smartest Man), a title he may now officially wear. In his student days Van Kuijk was already a jack-of-all-trades who combined designing with cabaret and writing columns. He continued to do so. He was a assistant professor at Industrial Design Engineering and a cabaret artist. He used to write columns for Delta, but in recent years he has done so for the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant. 


The final of De Slimste Mens was watched by 2.1 million people. Yet Van Kuijk will not enjoy the star status that this entails in the Netherlands. He recently emigrated to Sweden, where he and his family had already lived for a year. At the time, Delta spoke to him both before his departure and after his return. The latter interview focused, among other things, on the doubt that had crept into his life. Definitely a characteristic of a smart person. (SB)


Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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