‘First-year students hardly know anyone from their studies’

‘First-year students hardly know anyone from their studies’


The well-being of students is high on the agenda and the TU Delft community needs to work hard on it.  That is the conclusion of Executive Board member Rob Mudde after Zoom meetings with students.


Mudde organised the series of online meetings for the second time since the corona virus outbreak. During the first series, students often talked about their financial worries, but now the focus was on ‘the feeling of not belonging anywhere’, Mudde says in response to questions from Delta. Apart from motivation and concentration problems, students have difficulty with ‘the very limited interactions with other students’. First-year students have an extra hard time with this. “They tell me that they hardly know anyone from their studies.”


Students miss the campus, want to be able to study together and wonder when that will be possible again, Mudde heard. “They generally understand the government measures, but at the same time they are burdened by them.” They are also concerned about others, for example students who live alone. (SB)


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Editor in chief Saskia Bonger

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